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Are you ready for change?

5 Rules Before You Start

Can we talk about your closet? Yes yours! It’s crammed with clothes but there’s nothing to wear. At best it bores you. Are you sick and tired of looking at the same old stuff? 

I started my closet detox using online platforms selling and buying quality clothes. Get motivated to clean out your closet, recoup your money (if that’s a priority) and build a wardrobe worthy of your attention. Are you ready?


When cleaning out your closet keep the process simple. First, take a deep breath and try not to overthink the work involved. It took years to accumulate these clothes – don’t expect them to disappear overnight. Be patient with yourself.

Sell First. Buy second.

My motto, sell first, buy second. Start selling your clothes before you start buying. If selling is not your gig at the very least edit, edit, edit and then donate. Remove the pieces taking up space in your closet and your head.

 My entire closet is about trial and ERROR.Here’s what I learned along the way. An epic shift starts in your head,

not in your closet. 

What’s Your End Game?

When selling your clothes be mentally prepared to accept 80% of the price paid. Rant all you want how that dress you bought (on vacation 6 years ago) is hand-printed, organic Italian silk that cost hundreds of dollars…but girlfriend, STOP! I’m here to tell you it DOES NOT matter. I know these clothes are precious to you, but it is all about supply and demand. It’s important to understand this process, accept it and move on. Remember the goal. You are here to clear out the closet, recoup some money and build a dream wardrobe.

Write That Sh*t Down!

Just as you would make a to-do list, a list of goals or even a grocery list, it’s important to list the contents of your dream closet. Be specific. Include the basics, too. Don’t even think about shopping without it in hand so you stay focused and buy with intention. 

Get Help

Your closet is one of those sacred rooms in your home. It exposes a lot about you, your personality, and mistakes.

Is your wardrobe a mishmash of confusion? Maybe, organized to a fault? A closet reveals your frugalness or uncovers the boatload of money you spent. Perhaps you have everything inside to dress like the woman you want to be but still gravitate to the same (and safe) uniform? Jeans and a t-shirt, anyone? A closet shows your faults and what you desire most. Letting someone in is not comfortable. Umm....are we still talking about closets? Whatever the story...

letting go and dressing to your

full potential is where I come in.

A little help is all you need.


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