Leticia Media Photo - Looking Forward 1.
Leticia Media Photo - Looking Forward 1.

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personal stylist

My entire career has been in fashion, helping women live more stylish lives. I always loved (and obsessed over) fashion the same way people love wine, art, or golf. I ended up in Paris on a hair-brain idea that I would raise my daughter to be multicultural and perfect the cute little French accent she learned in kindergarten. But really the move was for me. There’s something about sameness that scared me to the core. The same neighborhood, apartment, job, school, commute, and routine - had me looking into my imaginary Wizard of Oz crystal ball . If I didn’t make a change I would be doing the same thing ten years from now - just with more grey hair. 

I sold almost everything we owned, including my entire closet of designer clothes, shoes, and handbags. I couldn’t take it with me and had no desire to drag along my old life to my new one. Not to mention, it funded this adventure too. Thank you, The Real Real!

After three years in Paris, one divorce, and a pre-teen with a native French accent, I'm living my best life. I’m doing what has always been in my blood since graduating from fashion school in California.

Helping women show-up as their best selves through fashion. Because, let’s face it. When we look good, we feel good. It’s that simple.

It’s not narcissism. It’s real.

I help women have a different kind of relationship with their clothes and closet. Many of the lessons I teach is through my own journey from a Sex & The City episode (having the latest shoe and “It” bag) to motherhood (losing my femininity-to-nothing fits drama), and now approaching my fifties (I still want to look frek’in amazing!)

After several years in Paris, I’ve learned from those chic Parisiennes; how to create a sustainable luxury wardrobe with pre-loved fashion and make quality clothing more attainable. And this, my dear reader, is why I started La Cocaigne. Women shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre quality clothes, feel guilty about taking care of themselves, or dread getting dressed in the morning. 

For all of you women that love fashion or want to feel good in your clothes, La Cocaigne is for you. Are you ready to have a better relationship with your styles and clothes?




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We'd love to keep you inspired, building your wardrobe with second-hand fashion.