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Leticia Gonzales Paris
Paris Stylist Leticia Gonzales
About Leticia Gonzales Paris


I'm Leticia Gonzales, an idealist, adventurer, and fashion lover. Welcome to the world of La Cocaigne (pronounced cocaine like the drug - more on that later!). I'm an American living the Parisian life. Like any good Parisian, I shop for my dinner at those famous outdoor markets, ride a bicycle down Boulevard Saint-Michel, and sip cappuccinos at outdoor cafes - adopting the art of slowing down (aka - la pause). I'm also a stylist, mother, and entrepreneur. Life is real here; laundry, bills, pre-teen drama, and never enough time. 


My gifting is helping women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes while saving them money and time. I do this with second-hand luxury clothing. Seeing women transform from a closet full of clothes, "having nothing to wear" to a state of ease and mindful purchasing is the best gift I can ever ask. I teach women how to build a wardrobe that works for their current life and style. Ultimately, letting go of unused clothes and setting women on a better path emotionally and financially. The bonus, she shares her new clothes shopping ways with other women and passes her habits on to the next generation. 

I'm helping women show-up as their best selves through fashion. Because, let’s face it. When we look good, we feel good. It’s that simple. It’s not narcissism. It’s real.

Like most transformation, my style and shopping habits were not always intentional. Many of the lessons I teach is through my own journey from a Sex & The City episode (having the latest shoe and “It” bag) to motherhood (losing my femininity-to-nothing fits drama), and now approaching my fifties (I still want to look frek’in amazing!) After several years in Paris, I’ve learned from those chic Parisiennes; how to create a sustainable luxury wardrobe with pre-loved fashion.


My clients become like sisters. We no longer fret over what to wear and only own pieces we love. We wear high-quality brands that have value and bring us joy.


La Cocaigne offers a better way - helping women to have freedom to change and express themselves, however they want through fashion. We make luxury clothes more attainable and getting dressed every day, pleasurable. 

Pure utopia. 


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