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I remember the high when I bought my first pair of Manolo Blahniks. Silver. Crocodile. 105 millimeters. Maybe you know that feeling of excitement and nervousness with a delicate serving of shame? I just spent half of my paycheck on a pair of shoes!  But they were beautiful after all and the clincher…

I told myself I would have them FOrever.

I’m a recovering clothes addict, fashion follower and -- dare I say -- fashionista. As a teenager, fashion was an escape. I dreamed about fashion, a world of beauty, luxury, and creativity. A far cry from my reality, I promised that someday I would wear the clothes I coveted from the pages of my mother's Cosmo.

My Obsession on sustainable fashion

Fashion gave me joy and confidence along with major stress and a financial mess.  As life changed from a Sex & The City  episode to motherhood, I reassessed the relationship that I and so many women have with our clothes. A move to Paris prompted a major clean-out of my closet and life. My fashion-obsessed self had once dreamed of moving to New York, someday. Paris was like the cherry on top. With a one-way ticket in hand and no job, I started selling my wardrobe, including those silver-croc Blahniks. As the checks arrived, ($34,000 to be exact) the “keep” pile became the “sell” pile.

Early on, my obsession led to a Fashion Design school where I learned to design, merchandise, and market clothing to women like you.  Followed by a long career in retail led to the accumulation of decades’ worth of clothes. The room known as my closet had become a storage space for the past. Stuffed inside were all the clothes, shoes, and handbags I loved, bought on a whim, convinced myself I needed -- not to mention the dreadful “will fit in again.” Whatever the story, too many items felt like that lone sock I hung onto hoping the other would reappear. A feeling, I suspect, that resonates with just about every woman at some point in her life.

As life changed from a Sex & The City episode to motherhood, I reassessed the relationship that I and so many women have with our clothes

Arriving in Paris, I wanted to build the perfect Parisian wardrobe. Where, I wondered, are all those chic French women I read about? Where do they shop? After hitting the Champs Elysees I realized it was full of brands I could get in the U.S. Meanwhile, I began noticing intriguing storefronts labeled “depot-vente” filled with iconic luxury labels. Stepping inside was a revelation.  Two fashionably dressed women, chatting in French. Luxury clothing at 70% off retail. I had discovered the keys to the kingdom.

After several years in Paris, I’ve learned from those chic Parisiennes. I know how to create a luxury wardrobe with previously-loved garments and make quality clothing more attainable. And this, my dear reader, is why I started LACOCAIGNE.

For all of you women that love fashion or just want to feel good in your clothes, building a luxury second-hand wardrobe is transformational. Purchases become more considered and thoughtful. When you see something to add, it becomes practically reflexive to think about what to relinquish. You begin to level-up on the quality of your clothes. Just try and you will understand.

As you start to repeat this cycle you become less and less attached to the things in your closet and realize you now have the freedom to change because nothing has to be Forever





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