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Earn back the time and money you invested into your closet. 

Closet cleanse

The last clean-out you'll ever have to do.


Paris only/ 2 hour session/ Inspirelle Members Only


We start with setting aside the clothes you love and wear all-the-time. Next we edit and rid your closet of the pieces that don't fit, don't like, or don't elevate you. Then, we organize your closet into categories and seasons. I suggest how to wear pieces you love but don't wear. We create new outfits with your existing wardrobe. Finally, I separate and organize the clothes that can be donated, sold, or re-styled. 

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your time & money

Your time is precious and this is why cleaning out your closet is worth your time. Think of all the wasted energy and money you spent - just staring at your closet, hoping some fabulous outfit will appear. You get 2 hours of one-on-one time with a professional stylist and coach in your closet. Our time together is efficient and purposeful. During our session, I teach you what has value and what you can sell that is no longer in use. I teach new principles about building a higher value closet with pre-loved fashion. You acquire the knowledge to stop wasting money on clothes you don't love. 

THE outcome

Shift happens! You now have a well-edited closet plus the tools I teach to build an evolving wardrobe. You start to see the benefits of an organized closet, letting go of the clothes that don't serve you. Getting dressed becomes easier and you feel more confident in your fashion choices. In the end, you've identified the pieces you need and love, elevating your style to dress quickly and with pleasure. 

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Closet cleanse

The last clean-out you'll ever have to do.


Paris only/ 2 hour session/ Inspirelle Members Only

What women are saying

Clare Tutor Photo.png

Clare T.

World traveler, wine connoisseur, talks to cats.

“After ten months, I’m still thrilled over how easy it is to get dressed in the morning. Plus, the organization of my closets. Not to sound dramatic - but it is life changing! I stopped wasting money on clothes I didn't love. And, now I'm able to buy designer quality pieces at a fraction of the price." 

Angele Price Photo.png

Angele P.

Traveler, bad-ass real estate agent, in love with her new man.

“I was skeptical about second-hand shopping but after my styling session with Leticia - I am convinced this is the only way to buy clothes now.”

Shelly Mc Coy Photo.png

Shelly M.

Signature color PINK, sparkles in a room, laughter is her trademark.

" Leticia's second-hand shopping thing - is my new obsession."

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