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Luxury shopping in paris

Bienvenue to La Cocaigne by Leticia Gonzales, the unique shopping experience in Paris dedicated to luxury.


We know luxury shopping is something different for everyone - which is why we personalize each itinerary through personal connection and put a distinctive stamp on every Paris outing we create. Your health and well-being are important to us.


Our shopping experiences are focused on consciously minded French labels, vintage fine jewelry, luxury pre-owned, and Parisian taste-makers. 


High-Value Closet Clean-Out

Full-Service Wardrobe Management

Experience matters when it comes to selling off your high-value pieces. We offer full-service closet management to sell no longer in use garments, handbags, and fine jewelry.



Are You Getting Dressed by

Default or DESIGN? 

Tired of wasting money on clothes. Are you done with the drama that comes with getting dressed? The Elevate Atelier is where we create a well-styled woman and master the art of dressing. 


You no longer need to buy new clothes to have a beautiful wardrobe. 

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Bonjour Friends

At the height of summer and with the world opening up again - you'll be very tempted to buy new clothes again. Before you set off on your summer holiday and fill your suitcases with new clothes- we hope you would consider pre-loved first. We combed through the best second-hand platforms to inspire you to buy beautiful summer ensembles for under $350.  Click on through to discover our Virtual Closet and start curating your summer and travel wardrobe - like a professional traveler with pre-owned luxury.


The places to shop for pre-loved now.




M.B. Select


With the third-lock down in place, Paris is still the best places to find luxury pre-owned. Take a look at our favorite boutiques with online shops, Instagram shopping, and international shipping. 


Boutique Kroll

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Shelly M.

Signature color PINK, sparkles in a room, laughter is her trademark.

" Leticia's second-hand shopping thing - is my new obsession."

Angele Price Photo.png

Angele P.

Traveler, bad-ass real estate agent, in love with her new man.

“I was skeptical about second-hand shopping but after my styling session with Leticia - I am convinced this is the only way to buy clothes now.”


Karen G.

Luxury collector, Chanel obsession, dog lover. 

“I loved finding unique luxury pieces with Leticia in Paris. She knew exactly where to find collector items from Chanel and Hèrmes, that I was looking for. " 


Judith E.

Water sports aficionado, tech professional, finding zen. 

“The shopping experience was the highlight of my Paris vacation. Leticia took me to places I would have never discovered on my own. I could hang out with her all-day.”

Clare Tutor Photo.png

Clare T.

World traveler, wine connoisseur, talks to cats.

“After ten months, I’m still thrilled over how easy it is to get dressed in the morning. Plus, the organization of my closets. Not to sound dramatic - but it is life changing! I stopped wasting money on clothes I didn't love. And, now I'm able to buy designer quality pieces at a fraction of the price." 

what's with your name?

We've seen it dozens of times. That look, that says, come again, I didn't quite hear you. We repeat, "La Cocaigne, pronounced cocaine like the drug." They smile. We explain.

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