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What to know before you book a tour in PARIS

It’s my desire to make our moment together exceptional. Once booked you’ll receive communication from me asking about your style, budget, dream list and anything else I need to know to knock your socks off. Dramatic, I know…but you get the idea.



Each tour starts and ends on time. If you are late the clock is ticking. You can end the tour at anytime.

We do our best to align your expectations with the type of pieces you want to acquire. Good communication is essential to creating an itinerary that fits your style and budget. Feel free to send us any request.

On average we will visit 2-3 boutiques for the A la Carte, up to 3 boutiques for half days, and up to 5 for full day tours. Sometimes it is less, sometimes it's more. We go with the rhythm and flow. 


  • A fun guided experience with Leticia

  • Styling during your shopping tour

  • Transportation -Über & public transportation

Not Included:

  • Food & drinks unless booking 1/2 or full day tours

What to know before you book:​​​

  • Walking, climbing stairs and standing on your feet for long periods of time (nobody said, shopping was easy)

  • It's required you're FUN, open-minded and know who's BIG. Just kidding...not really. 

  • Still, have questions? Send me a note at


Q: Can my husband, boyfriend or children tag along?

A: How do I say this nicely? Our tours are all about you, women and female-time. If you still want to shop with your man, I won't say no. Small children are not advisable but we love Mother-Daughter duos.


Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: For full refund all cancellations must be made 14 days prior to your scheduled tour. A full refund is issued minus any service fees charged (typically 4-5%). Cancellation between 13-4 days prior to your scheduled tour will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than 72 hours from your scheduled bookings including no-shows are non-refundable. We will do our very best to reschedule your tour in the event your schedule changes. We strive to be fair and flexible when our schedule permits. Please submit all cancellation request in writing to

Q: Will you style me?

A: I’m so happy you asked. Absolutely! On every tour I help style and give you inspiration to build your dream wardrobe. If you desire one-on-one help, let’s talk.

Q: How much walking will we do?

A: Get ready to put your fitbit to work. The boutiques selected on my tours are based on best quality and selection. They’re not always in the same arrondissement. I’m thoughtful with our time together and we’ll spend the majority of it in boutiques. But be prepared to walk, metro and Uber around Paris. You have the option to hire a car service (additional charges). If you prefer a car service please advise in advance.  


Q: What if it rains?

A: Nobody comes to Paris for the weather. I will not cancel tours if it rains on your tour day. Be prepared to shop, get wet and have some fun. In case of extreme weather like a heat wave or frigid climates - cancellations or rescheduling is a possibility. Your safety and having an enjoyable experience is important to us.


Q: I am a larger size woman. Will there be clothes for me?

A: Don’t believe the lie that all French women are skinny, wear four-inch heels and look chic all day. I’m here to tell you they’re just like you and me minus the Lulu Lemons. French people generally aren’t as tall. That said, our American and English bodies don’t always fit into French cuts. If you’re a larger size or a very tall woman, there are clothes options, just not as many. You’ll have more opportunities to source shoes, handbags and accessories too.


Q: Am I obligated to buy on the tour?

A: Absolutely not, but I doubt you will walk away empty handed.


Q: What about the tax rebate?

A: For second-hand boutiques a tax rebate is not typically offered. The VAT on second-hand is not the same as buying something new, therefore there is no rebate to receive. I’ve only come across a few boutiques that will provide paperwork to receive a small rebate, around 5%. I will advise you beforehand if we go to any preowned shops that offer the refund. For new clothing: VAT paperwork is offered in larger stores. Be prepared and bring your passport.

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