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The 5 “must-have” pieces this season.

"As I detox women from their clothes and the weight lifts off them – I see a new woman. She’s the same person, just lighter and more relaxed. A new season is near." Leticia Gonzales - Sustainable Stylist

Our version of “must-haves” for this season - to put some spark in your wardrobe and scratch the inevitable itch of something new and fresh. Inspired from the Streets of Paris Fashion Week - Spring 2020.

All these pieces can be found on second-hand online platforms and your neighborhood consignment boutique. There's no longer a need to run out to buy new clothes from your favorite brands. La Cocaigne will work hard to inspire you to think second-hand first and hope to lessen the urge to buy-new when you see a glossy magazine spread or fashion influencer in the latest trends. Pure bliss.

Sunglasses + Accessories = Instant Style & Statement
Sunglasses + Accessories = Instant Style & Statement

#1. Sunglasses – A pair of statement sunnies. Go for it and try something different. Second-hand ones are available online and at your nearest consignment boutique. Good quality sunglasses hold their value.

Taking color to the extreme. - Find your balance with color.
Taking color to the extreme. - Find your balance with color.

#2. Color – Yes, please. Can we all stop wearing black for a while?

#3. Dresses – The easiest way to get dressed and out the door in the morning. Choose a style that will highlight your best feature and you can easily move in to get the most wear.

#4. Accessories – They make a difference. Dangling earrings, a signature necklace, or lots of arm candy. Whatever your choice - make a statement - as big as you desire.

#5. Shoes – Choosing just one is always my problem. So, I’m going for the sl-andal. My version of the slide and sandal. I can’t be bothered with sitting down and buckling myself in and out of my shoes every time I walk into my home or someone else’s. A habit we all do in Paris.

We challenge you to add these elements into your wardrobe with second-hand. Now, get going.

Do you want to know where to buy similar second-hand pieces? Then stay tuned for our list of resources and best places to shop around the world.

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