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Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week has been around for a century, and what started as luxury houses presenting their creations to wealthy clients in intimate salons has turned out to be a global stage for performers, influencers, creators, and even some with a political message.

I’m drawn to “street style influences” - It’s where I get inspiration on how to wear my jeans or combine colors for the upcoming season.

My very first show I attended as a street stalker was for Chanel. I didn’t know what to expect as a bystander armed with my iPhone 6 next to Cannons with a telescopic lens that can capture every nose hair.

Seeing women dressed in their best ensemble on the way to a Chanel show is my Academy Awards pre-show. When you love fashion, there’s an internal feeling that you “should” care about more important things like equal pay and climate change. I learned to embrace my love for fashion alongside these women without guilt.

After the shows, I reflected on hundreds of pictures I snapped of the women showing up in their best ensembles. These are women who embrace change, every season, every year. I see these women rejecting the sameness we tend to carry with our fashion identity. To most, we call these “trends.” I want to think these women are not afraid to try new looks, colors, silhouettes, and styles.

Even though these “new” clothes won’t end up in my closet anytime soon (since I only buy pre-loved fashion), I will look at my closet and shop from second-hand in a new way this spring. What can I do this season to up my style game and avoid sameness?

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