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The Cleanse

"Free yourself from the clothes that own you." Leticia Gonzales - Sustainable Stylist

When did our clothes and closets become a burden and source of stress? For me, it started in the 6th grade. Having the "right" clothes meant something to my young brain that had little idea of how the world worked or how my thoughts created my reality.

The Chanel Show in Paris
The Chanel Show in Paris inspires a story.

Fashion for many designers was meant (with good intention) to be an artistic expression to share, make a woman feel beautiful, and "help" tell a story of who we are with clothes.

And then, somewhere along the fashion journey, a wrong turn was made, because clothes to many women are a pain point––one that I used to deal with most mornings. You slide your closet door open only to reveal – there's nothing to wear –so you gravitate to the sameness. Jeans and a t-shirt, anyone? Why do we have this love-hate relationship with our clothes? Why are we only wearing 20% of the items inside?

Should clothes labels be as important as food labels?
Do you inspect your clothes labels like you do your food labels?

Can we start to course correct our closets like we're doing with our pantries? One woman's gluten-free bread is my Made in China–free closet. Or how about your organic salad mix? Can you start buying 100% natural fabrics?

Where and how to begin is often the hardest part of any transition from letting go of the clothes that hold no value (emotionally and financially).

I remember how hard this was for me at first. Letting go of the pants I rarely wore because I vowed that "someday" I would fit into them again or the shoes that represented the "old" me: a young 30-something, painfully standing in 4" heels all day. I didn’t have the time nor money to deal with my wardrobe, yet my closet was a representation of all the money I wasted on clothing I didn't love. A time sucker for all the minutes, adding up to hours, flipping through hangers with no results, and a head full of loathing thoughts and frustration.  

Then it all changed when I stopped telling myself that I "have" to clean out my closet and changed my language to "want" to. I wanted to get off my hamster wheel and start loving my clothes, find joy in getting dressed, and embracing my style and femininity.

My lightbulb moment came when I realized that I wanted to invest in MYSELF and not my clothes. I learned how to do this with second-hand luxury fashion and circulating my no-longer in-use clothing. 

Through lessons from my own journey, I teach how to fashion your mind, curating a sustainable wardrobe, and creating a signature style from a place of inspiration. 

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