You, your closet, and style have a long history together. And like anything with a past, there are things you would like to change.


Leticia is your personal guide in your closet, advisor with your fashion choices, and friend to support the relationship you have with your clothes. Think of her as your motivational dresser, who celebrates all price-points and styles.

She’ll teach you on what needs to go, stay, and how to put some spark into your existing wardrobe with her unique approach using preloved fashion.

Hiring a stylist is not about accumulating more clothes for the sake of cute outfits but to build a modern wardrobe you can circulate while your life and style change over time (because it will – trust us on this one.) Leticia will guide you in your closet, help make better shopping decisions, and elevate your style with quality preloved clothing and accessories. She a magician at organizing closets and creating new outfits from your existing clothes too. Every price-point is celebrated. Leticia is your fresh set of eyes and support.

Sustainable styling

Paris & Virtual

3 hours required for initial face-to-face appointment

$435 for 3 hours / $125 for each additional hour. 

Virtual with Zoom / $85 per hour.

We're experts at knowing where to find what you want in Paris. We’ll show you where to shop and how to build a dream wardrobe with vintage, luxury, and modern preloved fashion.


Our experience together opens your eyes to a new way of thinking about your style and wardrobe. 

Each shopping experience is personalized to your desires and every price-point, age, and style is celebrated. 

Let's Shop


2 hours minimum

$290 first two hours. $145 each additional hour. Up to two people. 

It’s our desire to make the moment together exceptional. Once booked you’ll receive communication from La Cocaigne asking about your style, budget, dream list, and anything else we needs to know to knock your socks off. Dramatic, I know…but you get the idea.

Elevate Atelier

The Elevate Atelier is where we create a well-styled woman and master the art of dressing through coaching, feedback, and setting intention. In the Atelier you learn to take action, become discerning on what you allow in your closet, create extraordinary style, and stop wasting money on clothes that don't serve you. Leticia guides you every step of the way by teaching you the skills on how to dress for your body type, personality, and build confidence on what you want to wear. Plus she is your support to create the woman you WANT TO BECOME.   Buying clothes is something you will do for the rest of your life. Stop the drama and waste with your clothes and start living in style.

Anywhere in the world

Weekly & monthly support for members

$49 per month or $490 annual




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We'd love to keep you inspired, building your wardrobe with second-hand fashion.