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You have a fondness for designer pieces or a closet full of them, then TRR is your go-all-in site to sell and buy luxury second-hand clothing. The best part: clothes sell quickly and the company accepts returns. The platform is easy to manage from the convenience of your phone and computer. Inventory, money earned and favorites-list are all displayed handily. Consider yourself warned, it’s addictive.

To start selling, items must be on the accepted designers list. TRR only accepts luxury and young designers. There are a few caveats for certain brands.  Ship unwanted loot directly to TRR or, if you have at least 20 pieces, some nice person comes to your home (in select areas). I experienced both. I only ship my clothes now. Anything they don’t accept TRR will mail back to you for FREE!


Get started by creating an account here. You’ll need to enter pieces one-by-one so have them handy. You are creating an inventory list. The process is super simple. Enter category (women’s), designer (Prada), item type (jacket). Baby steps, girl and you are off!

Insider tip to selling

You have no control over prices, which are determined by TRR’s algorithm.  They’ve amassed years of data on brands and styles to sell them at the best price, quickly (that’s the point, right?).  To get the highest price, I recommend sending spring/summer pieces from end of February through May and fall/winter pieces from last week of August through November. Of course TRR accepts any piece year-round. For shoes and jewelry, the original boxes brings a slightly higher price.

What to buy?

photo  credit: The Real Real

EVERYTHING! If you’re like me (and thousands of other women) you have PAGES of favorites. Filling these pages are your dream pieces, it would-be-nice pieces, when-I-get-my-bonus pieces, for-next-vacation pieces and every-other-imaginable-scenario pieces. I can’t express this enough: BUY LUXURY LABELS. Just so we’re clear, this means Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and the less popular ones too (Missoni, Prada, Bruno Cucinelli, Lavin, Valentino, Balenciaga, etc.) This doesn’t mean your entire wardrobe has to be filled with these brands. I recommend buying luxury labels because TRR makes luxury attainable. Did you read my Insta post about my $200 Gucci blazer and $35 Missoni skirt? Start with wardrobe essentials and build from there.

When I’m ready to make a purchase, I buy four pieces for every one item I’m looking to add because the measurements are not always accurate and fit varies by brand. Scoring one amazing piece out of four is a good ratio. Only buy pieces that are in good condition with no permanent damage like holes, missing hardware or flaws in fabric. Inspect each piece before the return date expires. I’ve made the mistake of hanging-up new purchases, ready to wear, only to later discover a hole or snag in the fabric.

The details that make my head hurt

photo  credit: The Real Real


TRR’s commission plan is based on a tier system annually. So, if you have a lot to sell and it’s December, you may want to wait until the New Year. The payout is some of the lowest in the industry but makes sense if you don’t have the will and patience to manage and sell clothes online on-your-own.



Online returns must be requested within 14 days of shipment date and items must be received at TRR within 21 days for full refund. There are restrictions on handbags, beauty and swimwear, plus any item marked “Final Sale.” All the boring details are listed here.


Shipping Charges:

Let’s be honest, no one wants to pay for shipping, especially when every other retailer selling full price clothing is giving it away for free. Here’s the deal. It cost $11.95 if you buy 1 item or 5 and up to $20 if you have about 15. I always buy a handful of items at once to make the shipping charge easier to swallow. When you return an item(s), you pay $11.95 for the return shipping per box, too.




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