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your answer to eliminating the clutter in your closet

You are of two minds: clothes need to go, but the idea of getting nothing for them, much less putting them in garbage bags destined for a landfill, just feels wrong. And maybe, that garage sale you’ve been considering could happen? Someday. Girl, you don’t have time for that! And why lose a precious weekend haggling over an old blazer with Pam, your nosey neighbor? All that for an extra buck!

This is where thredUP solves your dilemma. They are the world’s largest online secondhand shopping platform that will sell, donate and recycle your unwanted clothes. Pure. Magic. Order a Clean Out Kit. Fill bag. Decide to donate or sell and dropkick that crap into mailbox. Done.


thredUP takes over 35,000 brands including Zara, The Gap and all kinds of obscure labels. It’s also a great opportunity to thin out your daughter’s closet.

Insider tip for selling

I only send good condition clothing (I save the designer labels for TRR or Tradsey) that would potentially sell for less than $100. Everyone has their own minimum standard, maybe yours is $25 or $200? Whatever the resell value of your piece, it will be off your hands. Even though it is thrift shopping, high quality standards are numero uno for this tech platform.  Forty percent of items in a Clean Out Bag are accepted. I can’t stress enough that your pieces to be above average saleable condition.

The beauty of this platform is thredUP

takes care of EVERYTHING 

What to buy?

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It bears repeating, I only buy luxury second hand labels. But it wasn’t always the case. My closet was filled with fast fashion brands in my twenties (and still to this day there’s some pieces I have hanging around I adore). If you’re not yet ready to go all in on luxury pieces, first curate your wardrobe with less expensive, but quality pre-loved clothes. By maintaining this practice, you’ll elevate the quality of your wardrobe without straining finances. 

When buying moderately priced brands, buy 100% natural fabrics. The clothes hold value better for later resell. I applaud thredUP for offering larger sizes up to 32.  

When buying moderately priced brands,
buy 100% natural fabrics

The details that make my head hurt

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You can earn 5%-90% of the listing price. Bottomline, higher-end brands bring a higher payout. You won’t get much for that fast-fashion-polyester-made-in-Bangledesh blouse but who wants to deal with neighbor Pam!? Much better to treat yourself and a girlfriend to craft cocktails with those thredUP earnings.

Shipping Charges:

ThredUP offers a clever Buy & Bundle service.  It’s a win-win way to reduce packaging materials and to save on shipping charges. Buy & Bundle combines multiple orders into consolidated shipments. Bundling allows purchases over a seven-day period before orders ship; if orders add up to $79 or more, shipping is FREE. For any purchase less than the $79, thredUP charges at least $5.99, depending on the item. Bundled orders must be shipped to the same address and ship at the same time.


Decided an item isn't right? thredUP accepts returns for a refund or credit, minus a $1.99 stocking fee. All returns must be shipped within 14 days of the delivery date. Handbag sales are final.


thredUP offers a return label for a fee of $8.99. This amount will be deducted from the refund. Of course, there’s also the option of organizing return shipping yourself. To read more about returns, it’s all laid out here.




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