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Selling your clothes on peer-to-peer platforms is not for everyone. A lot of my friends can’t be bothered with such a task and I totally get it! But if you’re the DIY (scrappy) type (like me) and motivated to sell your clothes, Tradesy is an easy platform to get started. Straight up the commission is one of the best. You’ll earn 77.3% on every sale over $50 versus 40-80% on The RealReal. Before thinking you can get 80% at TRR it’s rare unless you have a closet like The Kardashians. You get my point? As the seller you do the legwork: photos, measurements, writing content, shipping and communicating with the buyer via Tradesy’s platform.  Are you in?

Insider tip for selling

Your photos have to be REALLY FREAKIN GOOD. Period. Shoes, handbags, popular labels and designer pieces sell the quickest. I’ve sold a majority of my luxury labels on Tradesy. You’re in control of pricing. Be realistic. I reference The RealReal to compare prices and your potential buyer will too. Don’t get swept up on other seller’s pricing. Tradsey is dominated by professional sellers. In other words this is their bread and butter. You are not selling your clothes to keep the lights on (I hope). You’re selling your clothes to free yourself from all the unused stuff in your closet.   With this thought, price your items to SELL! 

For unknown brands and anything you would list for less than $50, I would not bother (see thredUP). Personally, the output is not worth anyone’s time (unless you have a teenager you could recruit). I’ve started to teach my 10 year old how to post and take measurements. I found it’s a great bonding opportunity to teach her a new skill we are both eager to complete. And maybe become a budding entrepreneur in the process. A mom’s dream.

What to buy?

photo  credit: Tradesy 

On a completely unrelated topic. I’ve often received feedback from women who wear larger sizes. They are discouraged by shopping second-hand because lack of size range. I’m here to tell you don’t believe the talk. Tradesy has hundreds of items on sale in super model, super tall and super sizes including XL, XXL and beyond a size 16.

I’m going to tell you my secret so you can decide if it’s worth your time. If there’s something in a store I desire I go on to Tradesy, first. A perfect example; I spotted a pair of trainers I wanted, badly. I knew the brand, size and style and hunted it down on Tradesy like my life depended on it. I was 100% certain about my purchase and how much I was willing to pay for it.  

Anything you are 100% certain you will love, it will fit and is in very good condition.

The details that make my head hurt

photo  credit: Tradesy


Tradesy deducts a flat commission fee of $7.50 for sold items less than $50. On sold items $50 or more, they deduct a commission of 19.8%. You withdraw earnings using Paypal, a debit card, or bank transfer. Transfering your funds out of Tradesy’s platform will cost you there’s a 2.9% fee.

Shipping Charges:

The cost of shipping is built in to the list price. Basically, you see free shipping. Yeah, free shipping! As a seller the shipping cost is added to your list price, but the commission payout is calculated on the net. The J Crew dress you want to post for $60 will now sell for $70.50 on the site. Not such a steal when trying to sell-off your fast fashion clothes. The shipping cost is $10.50 per item if you use Tradesy’s pre-printed shipping labels. You have the option to manage your own postage. Just keep in mind a tracking number is required. You can save a few dollars managing this on your own but who has the time to stand in line at the post office? I’ll tell you who. NOBODY.



Buyers have the option to return most pieces for a Tradesy credit. Unfortunately, credit card refunds are not given, ONLY Tradesy credit. If an item is returned by a buyer, Tradesy will process the return and pay for return shipping. The awesome part; you still earn commission IF your item meets the requirements in their Return Policy. If not, your item will be returned to you at no cost. It’s important to read the fine print when it comes to returns. Tradesy has multiple restrictions and exclusions. All are practical but you want to keep in mind before you start posting your items for sale.




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