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Imagine The RealReal and Tradesy wrapped up in one online platform with a global audience. That, in a nutshell, is Vestiaire Collective, and if you’re going the DIY route to sell-off your closet, it is the option I recommend, along with Tradesy. You’ll be able to compare the performance of each websites without much additional work. I post items on both platforms to double the chances for a quick sale. The platform offers a white glove service too. First, submit photos with an inventory list to request Concierge Services. VC accepts hundreds of brands and there are many European labels available. The company has backend protocols to curate the optimal selection. They try hard to keep the sight looking beautiful and running smoothly. I can purchase with confidence knowing they’ve screened out the bozos selling fakes.

I’ve encountered a few kinks regarding shipping because the seller has 30 days to send your purchase. Can you imagine waiting 30 days for your piece? People, I have big plans with those Chanel sandals I just purchased. I don’t have time to wait! Communicate with the seller before taking the plunge.

Insider tip for selling

Going the DIY route posting items to sell is so easy that my 10-year old helps me. I’ve literally sold the clothes off my back, posting items I’m wearing to the Vestiaire Collective mobile App. Good quality photos are essential to increase the chances for a sale. The brands that get the most likes and inquiries are luxury and young designer labels or anything priced at a steal. The biggest mental challenge to overcome is letting go of unwanted clothes for a fraction of the purchase price. This is why The RealReal sells clothes so quickly. Be accurate with your listing, include details like fabric content, measurements, fit and any small blemishes. Be sure to take a photo and include it in you’re the listing. Vestiaire will not take any ragged pieces so don’t bother posting a beat up pair of Prada boots (cause I’ve tried).  If you get a price offer, take it. I’ve made the mistake of haggling over 5-25% and lost about 80% of the sales offers.

What to buy?

Luxury pieces available in your home country

photo  credit: Vestiaire Collective

It’s fun to scroll through the options up for grabs in Milan and Paris, but they can be very expensive once duties are added. For North American residents, I recommend only shopping for pieces in the U.S., Mexico, Canada. Years ago, I bought a Louis Vuitton cuff from France and weeks later received a bill from FEDEX for custom charges. Lesson learned. Vestiaire now collects duties at time of purchase and I can guarantee you will hesitate upon seeing the charges added at check out.  The site has an option to make a price offer on most items. I have mixed feelings about this because it inflates the list prices across the board. Sellers anticipate buyers to ask for a reduction. I’ve come across many inactive or non-responsive sellers, so don’t spend too much time fretting over the perfect price to offer.  

The details that make my head hurt


A fixed rate of $17 is deducted from sales of $170 or less. Any item sold above $170 is charged 20-25% commission. If you list something around $171-205 you may want to post it at $170. You’ll come out ahead. The typical commission deducted is 25% as 20% is for items sold at $5700 or more. If you prefer concierge services expect to pay 38-28% depending on the sold price of each piece.


Sellers on Vestiaire Collective may be private or professional sellers.
Bought your item from a PRIVATE seller? These items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you’ve bought an item from a PROFESSIONAL seller you can return it within 14 days of receiving your delivery. More details are here.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping averages $9 per item within your country. Sellers do not pay for shipping. A prepaid shipping label is sent via email to send your sold piece to Vestiaire Collective for inspection.

photo  credit: Vestiaire Collective




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